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4 Bizarre Things You Learn as an Adult Dating Affiliate

1. It's hard being a guy

It's no secret that in the general case women have an easier time getting laid. They can dress up, put makeup on and proceed to the nearest club or watering hole where several men will continue to approach and even provide beverages. If the girl finds someone she likes, then it's game on - end of story.

But getting laid as a guy can be a hassle (if not downright challenge) regardless of looks, money, or social status. Going to club or bar and not making a complete ass of yourself can be harder than it looks. Regardless if the girl finds you attractive, you have to navigate a murky world of fat cock-blocking friends, jealous males, and any objections or shit-tests she might throw your way. If you manage to make it through the seemingly never ending list of things preventing you from hooking up, then you have to find a suitable sex location ( her house, your house, her car, bathroom stall - you get the picture) which can be a logistical nightmare.

That's why millions of men have turned to the internet - for an easier way to get laid. And that's where casual and adult dating sites come into play. Our industry exists to make it easier for guys to have the experiences they're looking for, without the endless rejections, expensive dates, and unnecessary bullshit.

2. Sometimes guys just want to fuck an ugly girl

You think every guy want's to get laid with an attractive female - not so fast though, let's think this through. Hot girls can cause some serious anxiety for the average ( or even above-average ) Joe, and absolutely no one wants to be anxious about having a sexual experience. So why not take off the pressure from the whole situation and just fuck an ugly girl?

It turns out that's what every guy is secretly thinking, and since we're all on the same page now it's no surprise that more homely girls can make the best marketing material for your campaigns. Because let's be honest, it's just not that believable that a supermodel wants to bang you when she's dating Derek Jeter, but the girl next door that hasn't gotten laid in 3 months - that's a different story.

3. Blasting your dick pic into the Cloud is common place

Gone are the days of courtship and chivalry, or opening doors for women. Enter a new era of dick-pic sending.

Guys are blasting their dick into Amazon, Azure, Google, and private clouds faster than ever before. Many times, the first time our highly-valued clientele enter a members area with photo uploading capability they will proceed to upload their dick like it's gods gift to earth - and because well, that's "just what you do". Given the option to direct message their dick pic, guys transform into a virtually unstoppable high-tuned well-oiled dick-pic-sending machine that will not stop until some systematic force causes them to.

4. Holidays don't stop the horniness

You would think that you wouldn't be signing up for instafuck while sitting at the Thanksgiving table with grandma - wrong. Holidays simply do not stop the horniness.

While certain holidays can put a slight damper of new joins for adult dating sites (yes we know you have to play Uno with Aunty Gretta and Granny on Christmas Eve), some holidays significantly increase your EPC. Valentine's day, 4th of July and even Christmas can be breakout periods for joins and sales.

However, Thanksgiving and Fathers day seem to put a damper on things. It's important to note that dating, especially adult, is an "evergreen" affiliate niche - it never gets old, there's always a fresh pool of new potential leads, and unless humanity gets destroyed altogether, it's not going anywhere.

Long live adult dating. It's one of the most profitable affiliate niches to promote ever and has minted thousands of new millionaires every year. The team at JustCash wishes you well in the business year to come, and we hope you enjoyed the article. Cheers!