Productivity Killers

7 Productivity Killers and How to Destroy Them

Procrastination is easily one of the biggest diseases running rampant in the workplace. If you really want to be productive you need to cut out the tools of procrastination along with a few other brutal productivity killers. If you are an affiliate marketer, odds are you are working at home. And while working from home is nice, working from home can provide you with more avenues for procrastination as well as plague you with productivity killers characteristic of home office environments.

1. Social Media

This is one of the biggest procrastination tools. When people log into their computer the first thing they open – usually before they open anything related to work – Facebook or Twitter.

This habit seems very innocent until you’ve been at work for several hours and have gotten absolutely nothing done because you’re sobbing at your desk over a duck and a Pitbull that have become friends.

Let your calendar or work messaging system be the first thing you open when you’re at your computer. Go over your plan for the day and set goals for what you want to get done. This way if you do find yourself on Facebook you will at least have work on the brain before anything else.

2. Email/Messaging

Studies show that people check their Email 15 times a day regardless of whether they’ve gotten a notification or not. Studies have shown the same thing with phones, people will check their text messages even if they don’t have a notification or didn’t feel it vibrate or hear it ring.

Mute your email. Or set up desktop notifications so that you can keep the window closed while you’re working.

Guard yourself from your phone as well. Put it on do not disturb. If you are concerned about getting phone calls, or need to for work, flip your phone screen upside down, slightly out of reach on your desk, and turn the sound on.

There are also apps and settings you can use to make it so you only get calls from certain contacts or if they call twice in a row.

3. Confined Spaces

Feeling trapped can also kill your productivity. If you’re stuck in an cubicle or make-shift office at home, you may be familiar with the feeling of being stuck.

Find a place with good airflow, decent lighting, and enough room to feel comfortable in.

4. Strict Schedules

Feeling trapped as far as your schedule can also have a negative effect on your productivity. Strict schedules allow little room for your brain to flow on projects. Flow is when you can take your conscious mind off of a task while working on another while your brain continues to work on the first task in the background.

Free up your schedule if you feel like you’re suffocating. Allow time for breaks, strolls around the office, and time to work on other tasks.

5. Working Too Much

Working a lot might seem like a good idea, however you can find yourself exhausted by the end of the day/week. Working too hard and for too long is proven to decrease productivity.

Studies show that factory workers perform more efficacity with 40 hour work weeks opposed to 48.

If you aren’t allowing yourself a break you will begin to dread your work and become exhausted. Give yourself enough time to rest both body and mind so that you can make the most out of your work week instead of struggling to make it to the finish line every week.

6. Work life vs. Home life

This is a problem for both people who work at home and in an office.

If you’re working in an office you may find that you’re taking your work home with you. While it’s important to stay on top of tasks – which sometimes requires a little overtime – you need to give yourself a break.

If you are taking all the stress from work home with you put yourself in a position to commit sin #5: Working Too Much. Plus, it is not healthy for your home life to be stressing about work.

Now, when your home is your office it’s hard to leave work somewhere else because home and work all happen under the same roof.

To quell this, make a conscious decision to have your work life start at 9 and end at 5. After 5 you are NOT allowed to think or do work.

While you may find yourself wanting to work all over your home – perhaps as a way to avoid a confined space – you need to consciously keep a separation. Once the end of your work day hits allocate all work materials to one room or one space and vow not to touch, or even look at, them.

If you are having trouble with this pick a room to be your office. Once your work day is over leave your “office” and begin your home life.

7. Space Separation

This productivity killer goes hand-and-hand with #6. You need to separate space for work from space for play/relaxation.

To reiterate a point I made above, you need to make sure you have a hard separation from work and home life if you are working from home.

Do not work in your bedroom. Do not work in spaces that are designated for relaxation because the stress of the workday will linger and your brain will not take a break from work at all.

When you’re in the office make sure that when you do take lunch breaks that you do not take work with you. Give yourself a break.