Affiliate Commandments

Here Are The 10 Super-Affiliate Commandments

1. Thou shalt create a website that turns traffic into money

To become a super affiliate, you absolutely must create a high-quality website that turns traffic into money. Sometimes this can be as simple as a high impact squeeze page or a landing page that simply pre-sells (get’s the customers ready) for the offer they're about to see. Other times this might mean making a review site or bonus package to entice the visitors to become buyers. Other affiliate websites can be purely informational as well. Whatever kind of site you choose for your niche or market, make sure that it becomes a finely tuned machine that converts traffic into money.

2. Thou shalt have multiple sources of traffic

When I began internet marketing, I was getting all my traffic from adult search engine optimization. Specifically, I was getting all my traffic from a single website ranking highly in Google. When Google, changed their ranking algorithm and decided my site didn’t deserve to be at the top of the searches, my income disappeared overnight. I had made the cardinal mistake of having all my eggs in one basket.

To become a super affiliate who can stand the test of time, you must diversify your traffic sources. That means having traffic coming from more than one source. For instance, it's ideal to have traffic coming from search engines, YouTube videos, Pinterest, web 2.0 sites, referral traffic on related websites, and from word of mouth and direct type-ins. Whatever traffic sources you focus on, make sure that you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

3. Thou shalt list build and engage an audience

If you’ve been marketing for a while, you’re probably familiar with list building; namely collecting user’s email so you can get in touch with them later. If you’re new to all this internet stuff, then just know that collecting visitor's email is a valuable way to follow up and increase earnings per visitor.

You can also keep in touch with your audience using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. I recommend that you choose one platform, for most niches and markets this will be accomplished by using a Facebook page, but certain products and offers might have better results using Pinterest or Linkedin. Make sure that you prompt your website visitors to follow or add your social pages so you can share content with them later.

4. Thou shalt split test and optimize your webpages

Remember that thou shalt create a website which turns traffic into money? It turns out not all web pages are created equal. You see, one web page, call it web page A, generates $1 per unique visitor, and web page B that makes $2 per unique visitor. Well, of course, you’d like to send all your traffic to web page B, as you would double your revenue. The science of extracting more money, usage, and engagement per visitor is called conversion optimization or split testing for short. It’s critical to split test your web pages if you want to maximize your income online. Doing this will increase your income, and super affiliates are never overlooking split testing their landing pages.

5. Thou shalt test different offers

Just as you would split test your website, to make sure that it is performing at maximum, collecting as many dollars as possible, super affiliates also rotate the offers that they are promoting to their visitors and audience. Things change in this business, and that means a product that’s killing it today, might not be converting so well a year or two from now. Super affiliates are constantly on the look out for new offers in their market and niche so that no revenue gets left behind.

6. Thou shalt engage mobile traffic with a mobile website

It’s 2015; most websites are receiving up to 50% of their traffic from mobile devices and tablets. In the future, laptops, desktops, and other forms of ‘large screen’ browsing are largely going to be phased out. While it might seem acceptable to drive all traffic (desktop and mobile) to a single static web page (even if the page renders well and seems usable on a smartphone), super affiliates never send mobile traffic to a desktop web page – they send mobile traffic to a mobile version of their page.

7. Thou shalt invest profits into education and business

Super affiliates that have been around for a couple of years know that this game can change in a blink of an eye. One day something is working, the next day Google, Facebook, or some other internet god makes a huge update, and everything gets turned upside down. That’s why super affiliates are always investing in education, that means constantly reading articles on technology, buying courses which outline methods to make money from new technology and trends, buying software products to make their business more effective and efficient. If you don’t invest in growing your affiliate business, it simply won’t grow!

8. Thou shalt protect what makes you valuable

When you do achieve super affiliate status, things start to change. Your website no longer gets considered as a pipe dream by friends and family; it is a real tangible financial asset with cash flow. Just as a property owner has insurance to protect their property, or as a stock trader may have a stop loss that protects their investment – super affiliates must take steps to protect their assets. Having scheduled backups of your site's files and database is vital. If your site has become a strong brand, consider trademarking the name and logo, these are important things to protect as well. Any component of your affiliate business that is vital or making you money must be backed up, and protected from disaster or malicious entities.

9. Thou shalt run it like a business, not a hobby

The biggest difference between super affiliates and regular affiliates is that super affiliates run their moneymaking operations like a business. You’re not a super affiliate just because you make good money, even great money, no; you’re not a super affiliate until you choose to be a super affiliate - that means keeping spreadsheets of earnings and expenses, having a professional email signature, and maintaining professionalism throughout your affiliate marketing efforts. These things might sound trivial, pointless, or unnecessary, but I assure you, keeping close tabs on what sites, offers, and techniques are driving income is vital to understanding how to allot your time for maximum growth.

10. Thou shalt not give up under any circumstances

It’s no secret, affiliate marketing is a hard way to make an easy living, and most people who start affiliate marketing never make more than $100. The difference between super affiliates (the winners) and the regulars (losers) is that super affiliates never give up. I made almost half a million dollars affiliate marketing when one day I found out that it wasn't working anymore – I was back at ground zero, and even worse my income had dropped close to zero. Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I got right back up, educated myself on new money making methods, and gradually grew my affiliate income back. Never give up, and when you fall off the horse, get right back up and never look back. Now make some money you all!